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DISTROBOTO in VERDUN, launch: Septembre 30 2016, 16h – 18h !
The Centre de Culture de Verdun is proud to launch its very own DISTROBOTO machine! During the launch, you’ll be able to buy brand new artworks and zines for only $2, including a special zine created by Verdun artists during a workshop earlier in September.

At the Centre culturel de Verdun, 5955 Bannantyne.

DISTROBOTO machines are former cigarette machines which no longer sell cigarettes, but instead, sell art in the form of miniature books, crafts, comics, music, film, animation and more, all for only $2.00 each! Any artist or creative person can submit work to sell through Distroboto (and you don’t have to be from Montreal to take part!)

Visit one of our regular machines in person anytime!




How to sell your work in Distroboto

To participate, send a sample of the work you want to sell to the address below, and we’ll check it for size and suitability. We’ll phone or email you a few weeks later to let you know whether you should send us a full batch. Items cannot be larger than 4″ x 3-3/8″ x 5/8″. All work is sold on consignment for $2 per item, with artists receiving $1.75 per item once they are sold.

For more information about the Distroboto project, contact:

Arcmtl, C.P. 55052
CSP Fairmount
Montréal, Québec

Email: distroboto@archivemontreal.org

The Distroboto mandate

The mandate of the Distroboto project is to provide an opportunity to new and emerging artists of all disciplines – visual arts, film, animation, music, literature and poetry, crafts etc. – to gain wider exposure by making examples of their work easily accessible to the public.

The low $2 price of the work sold through the Distroboto machines as well as the original way in which it is sold encourages the public to discover a whole world of local art that they might not have otherwise encountered.

The fact that the project is administered by a non-profit arts organization allows nearly all sales revenues to go directly to the artists, who are responsible for the cost of producing the work sold.

Since the first Distroboto machine was launched in January, 2001, more than 750 local artists have sold more than 50 000 items through these machines.

Distroboto is operated by ARCMTL (Archive Montreal), a non-profit corporation, and is made possible in part through the support of Accès Culture and the program Soutien à la consolidation des organismes artistiques de la relève et soutien à la relève de Montréaldu Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.



Arcmtl (Archive Montreal) is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 with the mandate of simultaneously promoting and preserving independent culture in Montreal and elsewhere.

Its preservation activities involve the ongoing acquisition of independently produced local cultural artifacts and publications — from books, zines, records, CDs to more ephemeral material such as promotional posters, flyers etc.

Its promotional activities include Expozine, Montreal’s largest annual small press fair. Since 2002, Expozine has grown to include nearly 300 different exhibitors annually who showcase their work in both English and French.

The organization also created the Grande Printed Art Fair of the Montreal Printed Art Festival in 2015, and regularly mounts exhibits of works by the participants to its projects or of works drawn from its archives.